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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CD Review: Kathleen Madigan: “Madigan Again” (2013)

Kathleen Madigan opens her new comedy album, Madigan Again, by talking about how she has finally reached a place in her career where she could choose the location of her special. She picked Detroit, saying the people there are the most optimistic people. She explains, “They’re still there.”

Some of her material is related to getting older. She mentions how teenagers love horror films because they love to be frightened. “That’s because they have not lived long enough to know that real life will scare the shit out of you…At this age I could care less if a vampire walked in my house…But look at this mole. Yeah, that scares me.”

She talks about going to Afghanistan with Lewis Black (another of my favorite comedians). She says how it’s cold, which is a surprise as you see the people there wearing sheets. “That’s why I would be a horrible terrorist – because I’m already prone to naps, and if you put me in a sheet all day, oh my god, forget it, I would never leave the cave.” There is a lot about Afghanistan from her personal experience. This is great material, and is quite a bit different from that of other comedians because of her personal perspective. And her bit about the Germans is great.

But her stuff about her parents is even better. She imitates her mother: “Well, don’t tell your father this, because he’ll be embarrassed, but now we’re afraid we’re going to die in our sleep. So we’ve decided we’ll just stay up, and one of us will be up, and then we’ll nap, because you never hear somebody dying while they were napping.”

She doesn’t really get political at all, but does a funny bit about Obama and Americans’ involvement in politics. As Obama, she says, “America, if you agree with me on how to solve this financial crisis, I’m going to need you to email your congressmen and representatives.” Her response: “I’m like, well, then I’m going to need you to email me who they are.”

I love her rip on the idea that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” We all know it’s not, but some morons still make that claim. And yes, a bar is much more fun than a gym. As she says, “I’ve never stayed at a gym so long I got kicked out. Never.”

This CD is approximately 62 minutes. Madigan Again was released on October 8, 2013 through New Wave Dynamics.

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