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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: “A Pony For Every Season” DVD Review

The new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic DVD, A Pony For Every Season, is a collection of six episodes, each focusing on a different one of the main characters.

“Wonderbolts Academy”

The first episode focuses on Rainbow Dash, who is excited to be admitted to Wonderbolts Academy. Pinkie Pie is perhaps even more excited for her, and demands that Rainbow Dash write often. Rainbow Dash, more than a bit cocky, takes off. But she may have met her match in Lightning Dust, another of the recruits. Meanwhile Pinkie Pie is freaking out while waiting for a letter from Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash learns the difference between pushing oneself and being reckless.

“Look Before You Sleep”

In Rarity’s episode, “Look Before You Sleep,” Rarity and Applejack get caught in a downpour. This of course upsets Rarity, as getting her hooves muddy serves no purpose whatsoever. Applejack gets annoyed at Rarity’s fussiness. Twilight invites them both to stay for a slumber party, and consults a special book on how to conduct a sleepover. They tell ghost stories, Rarity and Applejack using that opportunity to point out each other’s faults (a very funny scene). Applejack wants to tell “the terrifying tale of the prissy ghost who drove every pony crazy with her unnecessary neatness.” Rarity counters with “the horrifying story of the messy, inconsiderate ghost who irritated every pony within a hundred miles.” Twilight jumps in with “The Legend of the Headless Horse,” which is great.

“Apple Family Reunion”

In Applejack’s episode, everyone is coming to the new family reunion, leading to a nod to Jaws when Granny says “I think we’re going to need a bigger cider truck.” Applejack is in charge of organizing the reunion, and is determined to make it the most memorable reunion ever. The other ponies help with the preparations, and there are lots of funny little moments. Applejack has planned a bit too many things, tiring everyone out, and momentarily forgetting where the real magic of a family reunion lies. This episode has a musical number about building a barn.

“Keep Calm And Flutter On”

Fluttershy’s episode also features Discord, voiced by John de Lancie. Princess Celestia comes to town and brings along Discord, who is still a stone statue, because she believes the ponies can reform Discord so that he’ll use his magic for good rather than evil. Princess Celestia thinks Fluttershy will be key to his transformation. The ponies release Discord, who is – as before – a lot of fun. He becomes Fluttershy’s houseguest and friend. Fluttershy sweetly tells the others, “I’m earning his trust by giving him a little space to be himself.” When Discord animates a gravy boat, Pinkie Pie is delighted: “What a cute little gravy boat you are, yes you are, yes you are.” This is one of the collection’s two best episodes.

“Winter Wrap Up”

Twilight Sparkle says the first day of spring is tomorrow, so it’s time to clean up winter, but without magic. Spike says it’s ridiculous. Everyone is busy with a chore, and Twilight wants to help. When Twilight does a less than stellar job building a bird’s next, Spike comments, “That nest needs to be condemned.” Twilight tries to help each pony, but can’t seem to get things right. But of course, she eventually uses her personal strengths to help.

“Too Many Pinkie Pies”

Oh, there can never be too many Pinkie Pies. But others don’t necessarily feel that way. When Pinkie Pie hugs Twilight, she interrupts a spell turning an apple into an orange. Instead, it’s misdirected, turning a bird into an orange. Always seeing the bright side, Pinkie Pie says, “What a cute orange birdie.” Pinkie Pie realizes she’s missing out on some of the fun in town, so rushes around, but can’t be everywhere at once. So she goes to the magic mirror pond and doubles herself. And then, well, you can guess what happens. This is one of my personal favorite episodes, and it was also included on another collection, Pinkie Pie Party, which was released in January of this year.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: “A Pony For Every Season” is scheduled to be released on DVD on November 19, 2013 through Shout! Factory.

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