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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DVD Review: Doug Stanhope: “Beer Hall Putsch” (2013)

In September, I reviewed Doug Stanhope’s new comedy CD, Beer Hall Putsch (you can read that review here). It’s one of my favorite comedy albums of the year, and it was also released on DVD. The DVD includes some pre-show footage from Portland, Oregon, where Doug talks about the title of the special and the location. And then it goes right into his performance, without an introduction or a prolonged shot of the audience clapping or anything. No nonsense, just a lot of great comedy.

He opens with material about drinking, and about those who don’t drink. “Maybe you came here tonight to have a good time without drinking. That means you’re solely reliant on me being funny, which is a fifty-fifty shot at best in these waning years of my career. If I suck, you’re fucked.” But of course he doesn’t suck.

About meeting an old boxer: “And he’s got a trophy wife who’s thirty years his junior, which means she’s still in her sixties, so the trophy is a bit tarnished at this point. It’s no Stanley Cup anymore. It’s more of a bowling trophy.” That whole segment is so bloody funny. And, as I said, in my review of the CD, a man who can tell the story of his mother’s suicide and make you laugh is one hell of a good comedian. “Chicken soup for the suicide.”

His bit on charities and raising money for causes is absolutely wonderful, and his plan is actually a good one. Seriously. Check it out.

During the closing credits, there is some more backstage footage.

Bonus Material

The DVD includes footage of a taping of a podcast downstairs before the show. (A little bit of that was included at the beginning of the DVD.) This segment is approximately twenty-six minutes, and in addition to Doug Stanhope features Andy Andrist, Kristine Levine, Greg Chaille and Amy “Bingo” Bingaman. They talk about the venue where he did the show, and another venue where they no longer go. There are some interesting anecdotes. Whenever anyone mentions someone’s name, the named is bleeped out (with one or two exceptions).

Beer Hall Putsch was released on September 10, 2013 through New Wave Dynamics. 

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