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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DVD Review: Kathleen Madigan: “Madigan Again” (2013)

In October, I reviewed Kathleen Madigan’s new comedy album, Madigan Again. You can check out that review here. Madigan Again was also released on DVD at that time. The DVD is a few minutes longer than the CD. At the beginning, Kathleen is posing with Lewis Black in front of a giant fist in downtown Detroit. Seriously, it’s some sculpture of a giant dark fist coming right at you. Kathleen says, “Somebody, while you’re here, may or may not punch you in the face.” There is then some more footage of her before her show, getting ready backstage and so on. Lewis Black introduces her.

She opens her performance with her reasons for choosing Detroit. “And I know that in Detroit at any given moment something weird and bad can happen to all of you.” She talks about the violence in the city, and about things that she is actually afraid of – a mole, a letter from the IRS.

She also has some material on how PBS seems to appeal to you directly when asking for money. She then goes into some stuff about her experiences in Afghanistan with Lewis Black, which is wild. “We’ve flown to The Bible. And the Old Testament, Lew, the bad bible, where shit’s on fire for no reason, God is a lunatic – ‘You’re misbehaving, I’m throwing locusts at your head.’” I love the bit about the female military members going into towns and explaining women’s rights, and her impression of a woman there being convinced to change her ways: “I’m leaving you. Seriously. As soon as this country gets a road.”

I particularly love her material on her parents. When she got back from Afghanistan, she found that her parents had switched to energy-saving light bulbs. She imitates her father: “Your mother thought it would be a good idea, at our age when our eyesight is failing, to make the house as dimly lit as possible.”

Even though all of this material was familiar to me, as I’d listened to the CD a couple of times, I still found myself completely enjoying it. I love her delivery. By the way, there is another backstage shot at the end of the performance. There are no special features on the DVD.

Madigan Again was released on October 8, 2013 through New Wave Dynamics.

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