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Monday, December 16, 2013

DVD/CD Review: Chris D’Elia: “White Male. Black Comic.” (2013)

Chris D’Elia’s new one-hour special, White Male. Black Comic., was shot in New Orleans, and perhaps because of the location he begins by talking about drinking. “People in New Orleans are always drunk. All the time.”

He quickly goes into a bit on drunk women. “Girls get drunk, man, they act like it’s an accomplishment. They’ll have one too many drinks and just be like, ‘We made it!’” He does a good impression of a drunk girl. “Nothing matters to a drunk girl at all. Nothing. You’d be like, ‘Yo, there’s a crocodile right next to you.’ ‘Uh, excuse me, I have a question for you. Is it your crocodile?’” There are definitely some good laughs in this section, but he tends to drag things on a bit too long. The bit about the drunks ordering at the drive-through window isn’t as funny. Of course he then comes back with, “Girls don’t make sense. You never understand – when they’re drunk – you never understand what the hell they’re talking about. But also, when girls are not drunk, you never understand what the hell they’re talking about.” Which is great.

I love his bit about women misusing the word “random.” “A girl will be like, ‘Oh my god, you’re wearing a jacket, that’s so random.’ It’s not random. It’s winter. You know what would be random? If it wasn’t winter, I was still wearing a jacket and then I ate a monkey. That would be random.” I love when comedians play with language like that. During his bit making fun of people who try to act like they’re gangsters, he says: “He always starts conversations out like this: ‘Hey, dog, you know what I mean?’ Not yet - you didn’t say anything. What are you, the Quentin Tarantino of gangsters, just starting the story at the end?

I dig his bit on homophobia, particularly his Butterfinger analogy, which is hilarious. And some of his stuff on Catholicism is wonderful. “The only thing creepier than eating a dude’s body is pretending to eat a dude’s body.”

At one point, an audience member shouts something out. His response is perfect, talking about how a heckler thinks she’s improved the show by shouting something. “You fucked it up; I fixed it because I’m hilarious.” Not everything in his routine is gold. His bit on the forties doesn’t quite work. Also, he has a tendency to laugh at his own jokes, which oddly is not quite as off-putting as it sounds.

Bonus Features

The DVD includes a couple of special features. The first is Comedy Central Presents Chris D’Elia, which is a 21-minute comedy segment. During this, he does another bit on gangsters. His bit about getting directions in Hawaii is great.

There are also two Mash Ups, which are short segments of his comedy routines, cutting occasionally to folks acting out what he’s saying. The German bit is particularly funny.

White Male. Black Comic. was released as a two-disc set – a DVD and a CD – on December 10, 2013 on Comedy Central Records.

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