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Monday, December 16, 2013

DVD/CD Review: Iliza Shlesinger: “War Paint” (2013)

Iliza Shlesinger’s hilarious new comedy special, War Paint, was shot in Dallas, Texas, and at the beginning she says she’s happy to be shooting her special in her hometown. Happy to be there, but not happy getting there.

She, like most comedians, travels a lot and so has lots of material on flying. Iliza says: “I fly enough that I feel I have the right to say this. If you work for an airline, I hate you…The only reason people work for airlines is because the Nazi party is no longer hiring.” Her rant about boarding is absolutely wonderful, particularly her impression of the woman making the boarding announcements. Her delivery is fast, loud, energetic.

She talks about how sometimes something is so cute that she wants to hurt it. I’ve actually heard that urge expressed several times over the years, always by women. (Women are a little bonkers, but don’t worry, they are already well aware of that.) Iliza says (nearly quoting a female friend of mine), “Sometimes babies are so cute, with the fat little baby cheek, you just want to rip its cheek off.”

She has some good material about dating.  About why girls lie on the first dating and claim to like hiking, Iliza explains: “It’s one of the only outdoor activities that you can lie and say that you do it, having never done it before, and then do it and pull it off, because it’s walking. You can’t pull that off, you shouldn’t be mating with anyone.” Her routine on a girl on a first date is great. She describes the girl having only ordered a salad, then says: “You can’t focus, you’re not getting any nutrients to your brain. You’re just kind of staring out the window, wondering what birds taste like.”

Most of her material is about women. I love the line, “I don’t have solutions, just more problems.” And about women out drinking, she has this to say: “The first hour of being drunk is the best hour of the night because your buzz is fresh, you’re happy, you don’t feel fat, you haven’t cried yet.”

She uses just one prop during the performance – her dog. Since it was a dog she adopted, she felt a need to create a back story for the dog (it was a prostitute), then uses her to recreate the adopt-a-pet commercial. For some reason Iliza makes demented lamb noises throughout the show, but somehow it’s funny and kind of cute. By the way, the special’s title comes from her line: “This ain’t makeup, sweetheart, it’s war paint, let’s make a baby.”

War Paint was released as a two disc set – a DVD and a CD – on November 5, 2013 through New Wave Dynamics. The DVD is approximately 75 minutes, while the CD is slightly shorter, at approximately 71 minutes.

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