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Monday, April 18, 2011

Blu-ray Review: Tron and Tron Legacy!

Tron is finally available on Blu-ray.  Oh and it comes with Tron Legacy.

The 2-movie collection of Tron and Tron Legacy features 5-discs.  Blu-ray, 3-D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy of the lackluster Tron Legacy, and a Blu-ray of the original Tron.

It's a jam packed set.  Well it is if you have any interest in the 3-D Blu-ray (which I don't) or the Digital Copy (which I don't) or the DVD (Which I don't.)  But some do and if that's you then this is probably your best value.

As far as the films go, Tron to me still holds up.  It's a fun movie despite the age of the effects.  Tron Legacy on the other hand just isn't that great.  Visually and aurally stunning is the best I can say for it.  The plot is weak and is almost offensively reminiscent of Star Wars.  You can be certain that a third Tron will be made and I can only hope that now that getting everyone up to speed on the events of the Grid is done they can make Tron 3 a better film.

Both films do look incredible.  Tron Legacy especially.  The original looks extremely well despite its age.  The sound of course is stellar as well.

Disney has done a great job with special features again, aside from the plethora of discs in the set, you get a lot of interesting featurettes (including the Flynn Lives short that's all over the web now.), a music video, a peak at the upcoming animated series and much much more.

Buying the films individually will cost you $22.99 each.  For about $50 you can get this 5-disc set.  It's the better value.  Especially if you plan to go 3-D in the future, although I can't imagine why anyone would.

Tron and Tron Legacy 2-Movie Collection is in stores now!

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