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Friday, April 15, 2011

Concert Review: Prince - 21 Night Stand

Prince has a new home, The Forum in Los Angeles, and if his words last night are any indication, he plans to stay there as long as we want him, maybe even beyond the planned 21 shows.  If last night is any indication on how the next 20 (or possibly more) shows are going to be then bring them on.

Opening night proved to be a marathon 3+hour show full of classic Prince hits performed with an absolute artistry that is nothing short of inspiring.  Prince OWNED that crowd last night.  From the moment the lights went out (they went out a few times before the show even started) to the last note played well after midnight, Prince had us all in the palm of his hand.

Highlights include an absolutely scorching hot slowed down version of Little Red Corvette, a  performance of Purple Rain that brought the house down and had it gone on any longer his guitar would have caught fire and a beautiful rendition of To Make You Feel My Love performed by Prince's backup singers, who put on just as high energy of a show as he does.

George Lopez introduced Prince who launched into a show that can only be described as epic.  The problem is no matter how good this show was odds are you'll never see it.  From what I heard you can expect every one of Prince's shows to be different at least certain parts of it.  I don't think there is a set list for this set of shows.  What does that mean?  Well it means you need to see the show more than once.  In fact, I'd go as often as you can because at $25 a ticket (there are $205 tickets available as well) this is a no brainer.

I went in as someone only passingly familiar with Prince and his music.  I knew the hits but I never considered myself a fan.  By the time I left I was ready to join the Church of Purple.

This was by far one of the best shows I've seen in Los Angeles, in fact probably ever.

You can call Prince a pop star or a rock star or a funk soul star or whatever other thing you can think off but last night at The Forum in Los Angeles, Prince proved he is a Supernova.

Even after what 30 years in the business Prince is at the top of his game.  An artist.  A magician.  A craftsman.  A wonder and a sight to be seen.

Tickets are on sale now for several of the 21 Night Stand shows including tomorrow night and three shows next weekend.

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