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Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Review: The CARS ~ "Move Like This"

Gentleman start your engines because after a 24 year pit stop "The Cars" are ready to race back into your stereo speakers with their new CD "Move Like This." (Sorry I couldn't help myself!)

"Move Like This" reunites all of the original surviving members including drummer David Robinson, guitarist Elliot Easton, keyboardist Greg Hawkes who also handles bass duties for the dearly departed Benjamin Orr and of course the final piece of the puzzle lead singer/songwriter Ric Ocasek.

The album was recorded this past year with 5 tracks produced by Jacknife Lee (best known for his work with U2, R.E.M. and Weezer a band that Ocasek has also produced) and the other 5 tracks produced by the band themselves.

Instead of trying something brand new in 2011, the first single, "Sad Song," has the band pulling out all their old tricks: from hand claps to a guitar intro reminiscent of "My Best Friend's Girl." The band wants you to know that they're back and that this is, without a doubt, a record by "The Cars." Keeping that in mind, "Move Like This" does not disappoint.

The Cars "new wave pop sound" has always been about quirky keyboards, wild guitar solos and Ric Ocasek's trippy lyrics like the ones found in the new track "Drag On Forever." I mean, who else could put the words glockenspiel, kryptonite and thunderclap in one song and then top it off with "your coconut windows hid the light so well?"

All 10 tracks are solid with standouts being "Sad Song," "Blue Tip," and "Free." In Orr's absence, Ocasek is obviously forced to sing lead on every song and you can definitely tell which tracks would have been even better with Ben singing lead. Songs like "Take Another Look" and the beautiful "Soon" would have been perfect for Orr's vocal style.

"Move Like This" is an album that gets better with every listen. Though it's not quite as good as the band's best work, after 24 years it's a great place to re-start.

Here's hoping that a waving checkered flag (sorry again) is not in the band's near future because with "The Cars" back in action, radio has never sounded so good.

Drumroll please… 8 out of 10 drumsticks!!

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