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Friday, May 13, 2011

'Two and a Half Men' Has New Star

After a massive search to replace show star Charlie Sheen a winner has been chosen to helm the return of 'Two and a Half Men'. A search that included names like Jeremy Piven, Woody Harrelson and an almost done deal with Hugh Grant, but none were meant to be. Show creator Chuck Lorre and the relavent parties have finally chosen a worthy replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

The news began trickling in last night with late reports by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, but quickly grew into a chorus topped off by Ashton himself hinting at the deal on Twitter saying, "what's the square root of 6.25?" which is of course two and a half.

The deal, according to reports, penned by Time Warner and CBS will bring Ashton a pretty $1 Million an episode, which is still cheaper than former star Sheen's highest-paid-actor-on-television salary of $2 million per episode. This is an interesting move my CBS, possibly trying to push for an elusive younger demo headlined by Kutcher's days on 'Punk'd', 'That 70's Show' and 6.7 million Twitter followers.

Update #1: CBS is now saying that, with new star Kutcher onboard, production on the newly revitalized show will begin this summer. According to Ashton in an interview with THR, "I can't replace Charlie Sheen but I'm going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people!"

Update #2: Charlie Sheen has weighed in on his replacement, finally, after speaking to TMZ, of course doing it in a way only deemed fit for Mr. Sheen. "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!!" followed by "Enjoy the show America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB." (which we can only assume is a compliment?) and finishing his rant with a nice jab at show creator Chuck Lorre, "Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there." Oh Charlie... are you still WINNING?

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