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Friday, September 28, 2012

Batman Live: World Arena Tour Review

Batman Live: World Arena Tour is a stage show featuring the Dark Knight in the iconic retelling of Robin's origin. Bruce is present when the the Graysons are murdered and takes young Dick Grayson under his wing. Dick runs away from Wayne Manor in search of his parents' killer, while Batman does the same. Eventually, Dick takes the mantle of Robin and stands at Batman's side to save Gotham from the myriad of villains the Joker has released in Arkham Asylum. Will Batman and Robin be able to stop the Joker from taking over Arkham and save Gotham City in time?

Originating last year in the United Kingdom, Batman Live has brought Gotham City and all of it's heroes and villains stateside!

This show is massive! There are a ton of different locations and great set pieces. Joker's Hot Air Balloon, Gotham's rooftops, and of course a sleek new version of the Batmobile all make an appearance. The sets are all so different and the changes were seemless during the different scenes. The costumes and actors are fantastic! You really feel immersed in Gotham City.

A giant 415,750 pixel screen (in the shape of a Bat of course) serves as the background of the stage. This background transforms to various locales such as the Gotham Cityscape, Wayne Manor, Haly's Circus, Arkham Asylum, and (obviously) the Batcave. This screen also serves as transitions between scenes by zooming out to a comic book and zooming into separate panels to change settings. Also, flashbacks, a Batmobile chase, and the Batcomputer screen, are all done on this screen in comic and CGI form. DC regular Jim Lee ("Batman: Hush") did all of the comic artwork for the show. Doors within the screen are where the actors and props come out of, creating a very unique effect.

All of the fight scenes are choreographed wonderfully and flow really well. The action is exactly what you would expect from Batman. Most sequences are acrobatic in nature, but it works with the themes and settings within the story.

The story drags a bit in places and for being about Robin, he isn't in it much as the Boy Wonder. I was initially worried that it would be geared more towards children, but it is actually fun for all ages. There is the perfect combination of comedy, excitement, action, and adventure that makes it fun for the whole family.

Be sure to check out Batman Live: World Arena Tour in your area!

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Batman Live: World Arena Tour is an 8 out of 10 Flying Graysons!

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