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Friday, September 14, 2012

Movie Review: The Possession

Boy, they really do slap "based on a true story" onto everything these days.  And it's so much more believable at the beginning of an exorcism movie... But I guess they had to do something to set The Possession apart from the bajillion other exorcism movies that all seem the same besides making the evil spirit Jewish and casting Hebrew reggae musician Matisyahu.

In this Ole Bornedal directed supernatural horror flick Em (Natasha Calis), a young girl who purchases a mysterious locked box at a rummage sale, begins acting strange and coughing up moths.  When Em's recently divorced parents (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick) become concerned, her father Clyde does a little investigating and finds out that this mysterious box is in fact a Dybbuk box which contains an evil Jewish spirit that clings to and destroys whoever opens it.  Did someone say creepy possessed children!?

I'm starting to wonder if an actual good horror movie is going to come out in 2012.  Except maybe Cabin in the Woods, if that counts... That movie was great!  But The Possession, not so much.

The exorcism concept got old years ago because nobody can seem to do it right anymore.  It may be that fact that makes this movie not the least bit frightening.  I never thought I'd say this but... this movie needs more jump scares!! I can't remember ever feeling so relaxed during a horror film.

OK, I may be coming down a little hard on this one, but as a fan of the horror genre and one of many who hasn't seen a good one in a while, I expected to get my fix with The Possession but instead left the theater jonesin' for something better, scarier, and a little less effortless.

Though the film does give the viewer some of that classic bad horror movie acting, particularly in the lack-luster performance of Morgan.  But at least Sedgwick and Calis are decent in the film.  One of the biggest problems was I could not have cared less about the characters because I was never given a reason to.  And another thing...nobody wants a serious divorce subplot forced into a movie about a box that kills people!

So, sorry horror fans, but I recommend sitting this one out.  Though if something does "possess" you to go see The Possession (huh huh, get it? hehe) there are at least a few unintentionally funny parts.

4/10 Possessed Children

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