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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Music Review: Paul Simon "LIVE in New York City" CD/DVD

Paul Simon returns with his first LIVE album since 1991's "Paul Simon's Concert In The Park" and it has been worth the wait.

"LIVE In New York City" was recorded at Webster Hall in New York City and finds Simon rejuvenated on stage thanks to his recent release "So Beautiful Or So What."

The new 2 CD set features 4 songs from his most recent release, 5 songs from his groundbreaking album "Graceland" and many Simon solo hits that haven't been played LIVE in years such as "Kodachrome" & "Mother & Child Reunion."

"LIVE In New York City" also includes a DVD with the same track list. At 70 years of age Simon is still a viable recording artist and a fantastic live performer.  If you were lucky enough to see Simon on his most recent tour then you will want to have this as a souvenir to show your grandkids how a true music legend continues to captivate audiences with his impeccable playing and poetic lyrics.

The only disappointing thing about this release is that the original June 6th, 2011 concert at Webster Hall had a set list of 27 songs while this release only offers up 20 of those recorded tracks.  Here's hoping that sometime we might get to hear the whole shebang!  Until then sit back and enjoy "LIVE In New York City."

Drumroll please... 9 out of 10 Drumsticks!!!

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