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Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Review: "Best Of Bond... James Bond" CD

There is no better way to celebrate James Bond's 50th Anniversary as a motion picture icon than to release a new movie... "Skyfall" and a 2-CD set of every James Bond theme song from "Dr. No" to "Quantum Of Solace"

"Best of Bond... James Bond" 2-CD contains a whopping 50 tracks from some of the top recording artists of the past 50 years.

Among the original 23 theme songs on Disc 1 you will find 6 top 10 hits including "Goldfinger," "Live and Let Die," "Nobody Does It Better," "For Your Eyes Only" "Die Another Day" and the only Bond theme to reach #1... Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill."

Not every Bond song is a winner and you have to take the good with the bad like Lulu's dreadful "The Man With The Golden Gun" and Nancy Sinatra's "You Only Live Twice" which was actually patched together from 25 takes.

Disc 2 is made up of incidental music and secondary tracks.  From the film "The Living Daylights" you will find two songs by the Pretenders "Where Has Everybody Gone" and "If There Was A Man" both of which outshine a-ha's theme song 10 times over.  Other standout tracks on Disc 2 include "Surrender" by k.d. lang and "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" by perennial Bond songstress Shirley Bassey.

The remastering on "Best of Bond... James Bond" is phenomenal and every song sounds better than it ever has.  The only downside of this collection is that it doesn't include the just released "Skyfall" theme by worldwide mega-star Adele.  Move over Duran Duran because I think another #1 Bond theme is right around the corner.

Drumroll please... 9 out of 10 martinis, shaken not stirred of course!!

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