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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drink Review: All Natural Body Armor SuperDrink

All Natural Body Armor SuperDrink sounds like something out of a video game, but I can assure you that it's real.

I selected the Raspberry Blueberry Goji flavor, not because of the lavender hue, but because of the tantalizing  prospects of the flavor explosion dancing on my tongue. I wasn't sure what a Goji was, but a quick Google showed that it's alternate (and much cooler) name is Wolfberry, which sounds absolutely fantastic.

The initial taste has what I can only describe as an "Energy Drink taste." Sort of like Red Bull and Monster's carbonated energy kick. The next taste was a mix of the Raspberry Blueberry Goji flavor which melded into a mellower iced tea type taste on the palette.

I could definitely see myself cracking open one of these bad boys after a rigorous workout (if I actually worked out).

The side of the bottle says that it contains 10% Coconut Water along with the following nutrient blends:

1. Hydration Blend - Forget your Bananas and metals, with 620mg of Potassium, 60mg of Magnesium, and 10mg of Zinc to quench the thirst of your cells!

2. Protection Blend - Polphenols, catechins, EGCG, Fiber, and Bioflavonoids (a distant cousin of the Autobots) work together to protect your body and kick ass!

3. Vitamin Blend: A, C, E, and B Complex (a Freudian diagnosis) boost your Vitamin levels to MAX!

4.  Recovery Blend: Make like Skrillex playing Warcraft III and drop the base! Folic and Amino Acids, along with their bro, t-Carnitine, allow you to recover after your workout!

I'm not sure what any of that means, but it sounds healthy!

With only 70 Calories per serving and 2 servings per bottle, you can share with your spottin' bro. But you won't want to!

Protect & Restore with the Raspberry Blueberry Goji (Wolfberry) All Natural Body Armor SuperDrink with 10% Coconut Water!

I can feel the burn with 7 out of 10 crunches!

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