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Monday, September 23, 2013

Film Reviews - Fantastic Fest Round Up - Day 4

By Adam Ruhl

Well we have reached the halfway point in Fantastic Fest 2013 and there is still so much more to look forward to. Let's get to it.

The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears

This is an unusual and immensely beautiful film. There’s something of an homage to Argento in its visual style. The colors are rich and the cinematography is spectacular. The whole movie is shot inside this wondrous old apartment complex that is almost a character unto itself. The story follows a man who returns from a business trip to find his house locked from the inside and his wife missing. He hears a story from a neighbor about people disappearing into the walls of the building. From there it descends into a murder mystery worthy of Lynch and Depalma. I found myself transfixed and dazzled for the full duration of the picture.


Nothing Bad Can Happen

This movie is about a young man in Germany who’s part of a Christian youth gang called the Jesus Freaks. After an epileptic fit he is rescued and taken in by a seemingly stable family, but they soon bring extreme tests of his faith. Nothing Bad has a superb cast of actors, especially lead Julius Feldmeier as Tore, who plays the role with a naiveté that would be easy to spot and dismiss if it weren’t totally genuine. The plot is a deep examination of good and evil and faith but not preachy or cliché. I left this film with many good questions and things to ponder. I was captivated by Tore’s struggle and found Nothing Bad to be a very uniquely intelligent piece of cinema. This film has been picked up by Drafthouse Films and will be released in 2014.


Big Bad Wolves

Cutting edge Israeli Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado return to Fantastic Fest this year with a stunning new revenge thriller. The premise is a police detective and a victim’s father team up to hold a private interrogation of the man they are convinced is a child killer. Needless to say things do not go quite according to plan. Wolves is a departure from their 2010 debut film Rabies and shows growth in their style and storytelling. The plot is tense and interesting and there is plenty of torture action to go around.  This is a great film for fans of the directors work or of the crime thriller genre in general.


Mirage Men

Nifty documentary about government disinformation in the UFO enthusiast community. The filmmakers examine a man named Rick Doty who was an Air Force disinformation agent, and the people he fed lies to about aliens in an effort to cover government projects. Famous incidents such as Roswell apparently owe their fame to his stories. A couple of civilians he was in contact with were driven to disgrace, madness, and suicide. Interestingly since the premise is about disinformation, one has to question if his stories are covering other truths about aliens. 

Commando A One Man Army

Karan was a Commando in the Indian army until he was abandoned by his government behind the Chinese border. Now he must get justice and rescue a beautiful woman in the process. Take the plot of a Rambo film, add cinematography shot Michael Bay style, and set the whole thing in India and you have Commando. The plot is follows formula, but if you enjoy action and explosions this is pretty solid movie (also Vidyut Jamwal who plays Karan performs some amazing stunts). The film has a strong 1980’s action film nostalgia (even a few nods to Indiana Jones) and it’s violence and dance numbers make for a fun viewing experience.

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