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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Film Reviews - Fantastic Fest Round Up - Day 7

By Adam Ruhl

Fantastic Fest is starting to wind down. Today was the last full day, but I have a few odds and ends reviews to share with you. Tomorrow is the closing film, Terry Gilliam's new picture Zero Theorem. I currently am going to have to fight for entrance, but hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a review of the film. Wish me luck and on with the reviews.


Full disclosure, I have not seen the anime series that this live action version is based on. The film Gatchaman is a massively entertaining CGI laden action film. The plot is a pretty standard ‘alien invasion and only the G-Force can stop them’ type of film, but for me it was better constructed than any of the Transformers movies. There’s a certain amount of camp to it, the costumes, fights, and bad guys often remind me of old episodes of Power Rangers but the much higher budget and fun factor offset most of the giggles.


Mood Indigo

This is the newest film from Michel Gondry and it is a wholly unique picture. It is a story told in much surreal, visual craziness, but the story itself is a clear narrative of love and loss. I would describe it as being like Amelie meets Wrong meets Beaches. Audrey Tautou shines in the lead, her smile brightening even the grimmest moments of the film. It’s hard to express the visual candy that is Mood Indigo, it really needs to be experienced and I think in spite of being hectic and a very unorthodox movie most audiences will find something to love in it.


Kid’s Police

The Special Investigations Department has been turning into children by the nefarious Red Venus organization. However, they are not going to let that stop them, they’re still on the job. They have to hurry though because their minds are slowly becoming like children’s as well. Kid’s Police is the feature film continuation of a TV show from Japan and it feels like you’re coming into the middle of the story. It’s funny but in a kids programming sort of way with lots of physical humor and kids taking on adults in a fight.

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