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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

King Chip's 44108 Review

                           King Chip 44108 Mixtape Review
                                  By Miguel Zamaguey

   On September 4 King Chip, (formerly known as Chip the Ripper), released his long awaited project 44108. Prior to this project it was speculated that he would release his first project that would charge his fans a price for the music, whether it would be iTunes only is still in question. Instead, Chip releases his first project under his new moniker with guest appearances from rap veterans Scarface, MJG, Layzie Bone, and Pusha T, as well as up and comers Fat Trel, Freddie Gibbs, GLC & Chevy Woods, along with long time collaborator Kid Cudi.

   Packed with 19 tracks, 44108 brings a similar but yet different sound to Chip's catalog. Still packed with bass filled beats as well as the southern feel that comes along with Chip's music, although Chip's from Cleveland, it's bound to have your head nodding. After appearing in Kid Cudi's Indicud album, as well as mixtapes of his peers including Hit-Boy's Hit-Story and Big Sean's Detroit last year, 44108 doesn't lack the in demonstrating the creativity & evolution of the artist's music throughout the years.

   The song “Fresh at My Funeral” features guest appearances from Taylor Gang's Chevy Woods and Chicago's GLC, with a smooth melody of the bass strings playing, King Chip's voice takes the first verse on the track, making his presence known, second GLC rap's his pimp flow and doesn't disappoint as usual, but the raper's who stood out among these established artists is Chevy Woods who ends the song correctly. The track “Crown” is worthy of radio play, the verse is consistent and the song can turn heads from a mile away, okay, maybe not a mile away but definitely anyone in listening distance.

    The song “Actavis” among one of many great hits deals with the current fad in the rap industry known as lean, Codeine cough syrup. “Vortex” features fellow label mate Kid Cudi as well as the Clipse's Pusha T, Cudi's calm voice singing over the beat while Pusha T drops his aggressive voice taking over all attention like a car crash, and Chip's the other car who goes head first.

    At the end of the day, 44108 has a very good sound to it, something that you can cruise to, medicate to, but definitely not ignore. It has something for everybody, rugged raps for those who love hardcore rap, an independent sound for those hip-hop junkies, and a catchy sound for those hipsters. Out of the 19 tracks I'd listen to at least 15 of the songs. King Chip's 44108 is something I'd definitely recommend.

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