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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comedy Meltdown! Famous Comedians in the Back of a Comic Book Store!

by Kari Tervo

OMG, you guys. Are you into comedy? Of course you are into comedy. What kind of person is not into comedy?

This is so awesome, I don't even want to tell you about it. Okay, I will tell you about it. But first of all, let me apologize for a slightly janky review--I didn't have anything to write down the names of the comics, and I know I will be missing some. I am sorry, comics. Please don't be sad clowns.

The Meltdown is a comedy show hosted in the back room of Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. I was invited, but I didn't really know what to expect. I showed up expecting a few good laughs in a small room. That's fantastic! But what happened was really wow!

There is a magical laughter room in a comic book store in Hollywood!


The back room of Meltdown Comics holds maybe, I don't know, 75 people? And it was a very well-behaved, participatory, good-natured 75 people. First and foremost, a crowd willing to have a good time is important at a comedy show, and this was a great crowd. We're hangin' out, listening to Guns-N-Roses blast through the sound system, regarding each other in that slightly wary way that hipsters and people who love comedy tend to regard other people (it's because the comedians make us all laugh at each other--blame them!). Just waiting, you know.

And then who hops on the stage but freakin'. . .Kumail Nanjiani! Do you know Kumail Nanjiani? He had a special out this year called "Beta Male," which I have not seen yet, but will. Plus, you'll be seeing a lot more of Kumail and his show, along with his co-host Jonah Ray (plus Emily, Kumail's wife, who produces the show). The Meltdown--this frickin' thing in the back room of a comic book store!--has been picked up by Comedy Central!

Kumail's brand of stand-up reveals that he is good-natured, angry, and confused all at once. He repeatedly said to a magician, "F*CK YOU!" And it had all those elements in it every time. Pretty much everything he says is like this, in a delightful accent. Last night, Kumail had us share our most embarrassing experiences! The discussion turned largely towards farm animals and testicles. After that delicious gossip about ourselves, he shared with us a YouTube video featuring a British lad's mouth-made dubstep, with hilarious analysis.

The first comedian after Kumail was one of the people whose names have vanished from my brain. He was working out a bit with a song, and then treated us to how he used his iPhone (via Siri) to help him find the right girlfriend. One who. . .he finds kind of attractive when she farts!

Next up was 24 actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who let us in on how she "pulled a Madonna," and shared what she was really typing on that computer screen when Kiefer was intensely intensifying over her shoulder.

Did you know that there is a show called Cupcake Wars? I did not know this. It's on TLC. Anyway, the host is this guy Justin Willman. He's definitely meant to be a host of some sort, with that Seacresty way he has about him. But did you know that he's also a really fun comedian and magician? He really engaged with the crowd, had us giggling at each other, and then pulled off a freaking mind-blowing magic trick that had us whooping!

As if this wasn't awesome enough, Steve Agee (of Sarah Silverman Program fame) popped out of the freakin' wall and handed out lollipops to the crowd. What?! What is this evening? Free lollipop, doot do doot do do!

Then there was a comedian who told some jokes that I had heard a long time ago, but I don't think she knew those jokes were already made on Comedy Central in 1992. Like, I really don't think she knew, so I won't knock her. She conceived them without knowing they were repeats, and they were genuinely funny jokes. I wish I could remember her name. She had a high energy. Next time, I bring a pen.

So, Greg Proops (!) was supposed to close the show, but he could not make it for some reason. So, Brody Stevens, fresh off Dave Chappelle's comedy tour, took the stage. And kind of freaked out in a half-serious, half-funny way. He was entirely aggressive and bravely hated the audience (jokingly), but it was hilarious. Keep poppin' that Klonopin, Brody!

The Meltdown is on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard. You should go! No, you shouldn't. I want to make sure there's room for me!

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