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Monday, October 21, 2013

Film Review - Our Day Will Come

By Adam Ruhl

Our Day Will Come is not exactly a new film; it was produced in France in 2010 and is just now getting an American release via Oscilloscope.  The movie will be available nationwide on digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live) tomorrow, Oct 22nd. Romain Gavras writes and makes his feature directorial debut and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, A Dangerous Method) stars.

The film follows Remy, a bullied, ginger-haired teenager in France. After a fight with his mother and sister, Remy is picked up by psychiatrist Patrick (Cassel).  Their association becomes a journey that involves picking fights, buying Porsches, and eventually traveling towards Ireland; on the premise that red headed people are more accepted there.
The movie is a strange journey indeed; it reminded me of Scent of a Woman in the two main characters chemistry but twisting to the bizarre. Cassel donned House MD hair and clothing and seems to mimic that character at times when he’s stirring up trouble for Remy. Equally baffling is the film’s premise of some sort of extreme red haired oppression in France. Perhaps this is their real ‘It Gets Better’ issue but it feels like a trivial item for as much pain as gets dealt out to Remy. At the same time while it’s hard for Remy to be red haired; him, Patrick, and most of the other characters are only too quick to call each other faggot in a non-friendly way. This may have just been a mistranslation but it’s pretty ironic to have that word flung around in a film about someone seeking not to be discriminated against.

All in all the film is an interesting journey and Cassel is fun to watch as the demented Patrick, but the motivations for Remy and Patrick joining up is never clear and their journey never quite comes to a full boil. It’s worth seeing on Digital download but I wouldn’t call the film a total success.
I rate it 7.5 demented French psychiatrists out of 10.

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