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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Music Review: Patty Griffin - Silver Bell

The only thing better than one brilliant Patty Griffin album this year (her stunning American Kid) is two brilliant Patty Griffin albums.   Today marks the released of the long-awaited (over a decade), much desired Silver Bell album.  

Originally slated to be the follow up to her wonderful Flaming Red album, Silver Bell instead got shelved during the record label shake ups of the early 00s.   It's been a holy grail of Patty Griffin fans for the last 13 years.

Now, finally, it's being released and we can finally complete our Patty Griffin discography.  Not only that, but it was worth the wait.

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Newly remixed by Glyn Johns, Silver Bell is everything we'd want from a Patty Griffin album.  The lyrics are poignant, the music fresh, the instrumentation flawless.  It's just another fantastic release from Patty and she sounds perfect.

From the opening track "Little God" to the sweetly simple closer "So Long," Silver Bell again proves that Patty Griffin is a tour de force artist.   Her musical career has taken her all over the genre map and she has not faltered once.

Her influence reaches far and wide.  Artists from Kelly Clarkson to the Dixie Chicks to Jay Brannan to Dolly Parton have covered her songs, including a few from this very album and yet none of them, amazing as they all are in their own rights, can come close to Patty.  There's just something about her voice, her passion, her emotional connection to her songs that elevate them to a whole other level.

That's not to say I don't browse youtube constantly for people covering her songs.

At the end of the day, Silver Bell is yet another great album from who I consider to be one of our best singer/songwriters in the business today, and if I could be so bold, maybe ever.  Patty Griffin is a national treasure and Silver Bell is another jewel in her crown.

Silver Bell is a great way to introduce yourself to Patty's remarkable music but just be warned if you start, you won't stop.

Silver Bell Highlights:  What You Are, Truth #2, Sooner or Later, Top of the World

To be honest, the album is top to bottom excellent.

10 out of 10 Silver Bells!

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