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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Game Review: The Walking Dead Risk and Monopoly!

Get your wallets out folks because The Walking Dead has taken on two classic board games and given them new life er...death maybe, i guess?  The comic universe of The Walking Dead is brought to life with The Walking Dead Risk and The Walking Dead Monopoly.

Seminal classics Risk and Monopoly are fantastic games on their own merits but when you add some zombie action to them, they're even more fun.  Especially in the case of Risk, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The changes to Monopoly are mostly cosmetic, much like the seemingly limitless adaptations this game has.  Still, the changes are cool.  From the game pieces (Carl's hat, Lucille) to the extremely clever currency (ammunition/supplies, etc), Walking Dead Monopoly is a neat little twist on this ageless game.

With Risk, things are a little different, and they're a lot fun.  Walking Dead turns Risk into more of a Risk/Pandemic hybrid which brings whole new life to the game.  If you've never played Pandemic, you definitely should as it is a fantastic game.  This version of Risk brings some of those game mechanics here as you are not only warring with other camps but a seemingly endless horde of zombies that increases in size every turn.

This is Risk, so you know you are in for a long game but the tension is ratcheted up when you're dealing with the random appearance of zombies.  It makes for some fun and exciting turns.

Both of these games have been around for decades and both remain among the best board games have to offer.  With a little zombie added fun, both Risk and Monopoly are given just a bit of extra punch for an even funner time.

Both of these games would make excellent gifts this holiday.


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