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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Pop Culture Beast proudly supports The Trevor Project
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gifts from Eagle Rock Entertainment

Looking for the perfect gift for the classic rock fan in your life?

Then look no further because Eagle Rock Entertainment can help.

With over 800 titles currently available worldwide Eagle Rock has become a leader when it comes to classic rock stars on Blu-Ray, DVD and CD.  Artists from Alice Cooper to Muddy Waters have all enjoyed releases via Eagle Rock and that doesn't even begin to touch the surface of the titles that Eagle Rock has in production and currently available.

Out now:

"The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert" - This long sought after concert is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray and it was worth the wait.  Every single performance from opening acts such as Metallica, Extreme and Guns 'n' Roses to the main show with such legendary singers as Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, George Michael and Seal all back by the surviving member s of QUEEN. Blu-Ray includes a 24 page full color collectable booklet plus a 10th Anniversary Documentary, Rehearsal footage and more.

"The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park LIVE" - If you weren't able to score a ticket to any of The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows fear not because now you have the best seat in the house right in your living room.  Sweet Summer Sun documents the Stones return to their home town London and features a 16 song set plus 3 bonus performances.  Songs include: Brown Sugar, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Street Fightin' Man, Happy, Miss You and more.

"Springsteen & I" - Just when you thought you were the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan in the world here comes a documentary filled with diehard Boss fans telling the audience just how much Bruce means to them.  At times the movie borders on fanatical and you want to tell these fans to lighten up a bit but if you too are a Bruce aficionado this Blu-Ray is perfect for you.  Special features include a 45 minute six song set from Springsteen's performance at the "Hard Rock Calling" festival in 2012.

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