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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Guide: Movie Lovers!

We're just days away from christmas and why not give you guys some last minute gift idea for the people you might have left to shop for.

First up we have some excellent recent offerings from the fine folks over at Criterion.

First up is the wonderful collection Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project which features six international films that most people have never heard of, let alone seen.  These are great examples of film from all over the world and can be had at a decent price as of this writing ($64.99).  Pick it up here!

There's not much better than an old ghost story and The Uninvited is one of the best.  Criterion isn't exactly overflowing with horror films unfortunately, so it's exciting when they release one.  This one is a great addition and makes for a great gift for the horror fan in your family.  Give them a little education on what came before buckets of blood.

Last on the Criterion list is the mega epic collection of Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman.  A whopping 25 films make up this set.  Bringing every Zatoichi film from 1962 - 1973 together in one set for the first time.  This is a beautiful collection that is perfect for any fan of Japanese cinema.  This is also a steal as of this writing with a $139.99 price tag at amazon.  You're looking t less than $6 a movie.

So Criterion doesn't have the biggest selection of horror movies.  You know from our extensive halloween feature where you can get your horror fix though right?

That's right.

Scream Factory

We covered 31 releases from Scream Factory in October so I don't think I need to go too much into detail here.  You know we love them.  Personally, I've bought every title they've released so far.  

Since our Scream O'Ween feature the folks at SF has released even more great films like The Beast Within, Crawlspace, Night of the Comet, and the TV Movie double feature TV Terrors and more.  

These releases are must haves for horror fans.   2014 promises to be a huge year for Scream Factory with numerous high profile titles.  I can't wait to get them and your horror fans will love you for gifting them!

Ok, how about something for the family?  Not everyone is into foreign films and horror movies I know.  Luckily, Disney has finally released their seminal classic Mary Poppins to blu-ray in a wonderful 50th Anniversary Edition.

The film has never looked and sounded better and Disney has loaded it with some great features.  This is a must have for Disney-philes and movie fans alike.  A definite classic is given the respect and the release it deserves.  Get this one and enjoy a wonderful movie night with the entire family.

Well, I hope these suggestions give you a few ideas for some last minute shopping.  They're sure to put smiles on faces when that wrapper is pulled away.  

Oh ok, how about one more for the road?    Feast your eyes on the
James Dean Ultimate Collector's Edition.

All of his films in beautiful high def, tons of collectibles, a gorgeous set.  These movies represent one of the most indelible of Hollywood icons and they're all collected together here in a wonderful set.  A perfect gift for fans of the actor or film in general.  Important films, a timeless actor, a perfect gift.  I'll gladly take one!

We'll have a couple more of these for you before christmas!  

Happy holidays!!

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