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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where My Party People At?! An All-Star House Party Music Mix!

by Kari Tervo

Hey Pop Culture Beasties! Who wants to party?! I want to party! You want to party! We want to party! Let's party!

To party, we need a great house party music mix!

I tend towards EDM events these days for my music enjoyment, but I threw a certified bash for the Fourth of July in 2008. Well, by my standards. I invited 20 people, and 50 showed up. There were fireworks from a cool vantage point (accompanied by the Kiss version of the national anthem), many foods and drinks, unexpected actors passed out on the floor, and grown men throwing Pop Its in each others' faces! I even had a freaking pinata.

Photo Credit: Matt Carpenter

But what's all of that without a great soundtrack? Would any awesome even happen without one? When I go to a party, I love party music. You know, those songs pretty much everyone loves and can sing along to, or get a good groove going on. So when it came time to decide on music for my party, I thought about all the songs I love to sing along and dance to when I'm in a party mood.

People loved the mix! Walking through the room, I'd be hearing, "omg! I love this song!" People were dancing on the patio. But this was 2008! Would my mix stand the test of time? I recently unearthed those party mix CDs, and was really excited to find they're still mostly great. So, I want to share my list with you as inspiration for your own party mixes! 


Here we go! I've picked a few out for you to listen to as you read. Feel that party flavor!

Mr. Brownstone--Guns N Roses
Need You Tonight--INXS
I Kissed A Girl--Katy Perry
One Nation Under A Groove--George Clinton
Suck My Kiss--Red Hot Chili Peppers
Better Faster Stronger—Kanye West/Daft Punk
Tainted Love—Soft Cell
Four Minutes--Madonna
American Boy--Estelle/Kanye West
Boogie Nights--Heatwave

Heatwave: Boogie Nights. 
A great party song, and one of the most 
hilarious and wonderful videos I've seen.

Blister in the Sun--Violent Femmes
Let's Get It Started--Black Eyed Peas
Crazy Little Thing Called Love--Queen
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough—Michael Jackson
Hey Ya!--Outkast
Ignition Remix—R. Kelly
Kickstart My Heart—Motley Crue
Are You Gonna Go My Way—Lenny Kravitz
Love Shack—B52s 

R. Kelly: Ignition Remix. 
Bounce bounce bounce!

Golddigger—Kanye West I'd go with the radio edit, unless you want your party peppered with n-bombs.
Hey Baby—Gwen Stefani
Move Shake Drop—Pitbull/Flo Rida/DJ Laz
Where My Party People At? –Black Eyed Peas We're making a party music mix!
I Wanna Be Sedated—Ramones
Party Like A Rockstar—Party Boyz
Groove Is In The Heart—Deee-Lite
Rock This Town—Stray Cats
Bang on the Drum All Day—Todd Rundgren
Free Fallin’ –Tom Petty
Brown Eyed Girl—Van Morrison
In Da Club—50 Cent
Toxic—Britney Spears

Britney Spears: Toxic. 
Need party favors? Play this, and in 6 years, 
two of your party-goers will have a first grader. 
The ultimate souvenir!

Nobody Walks In LA--Missing Persons A must-have for your Los Angeles house party mix.
Ring of Fire—Johnny Cash
Shake It Up—Cars
Brick House—The Commodores
Drop It Like It’s Hot—Snoop Dogg Again, radio edit suggested. I like to say, "When a scissor get an attitude. . ."
Proud Mary--Creedence Clearwater Revival
100% Pure Love—Crystal Waters
Talk Dirty To Me—Poison
Pump It Up—Elvis Costello

Poison: Talk Dirty To Me.
You know, I never seen you look so good. 
Rockafella Skank--Fatboy Slim Get the radio edit--the album version has a repetitive part not good for a house party vibe.
Low--Flo Rida
Crazy--Gnarls Barkley I think this was a bad choice for a party mix, but it was a popular groove at the time
Clint Eastwood--Gorillaz
Add It Up--Violent Femmes
Don't Stop the Music--Rihanna.

 Rihanna: Don't Stop the Music.
Dance dance dance!

Fantastic Voyage--Coolio
Sweet Home Alabama--Lynyrd Skynryd In retrospect, I think a Black Crowes tune would have done the great bar song duty here.
Real Wild Child--Iggy Pop
Don't Stop Believin'--Journey This was BEFORE Glee
Low Rider--War
Man! I Feel Like A Woman--Shania Twain.
Sexy Back--Justin Timberlake.
Bad to the Bone--George Thorogood
Get Down Tonight--K.C. & The Sunshine Band
Smile--Lily Allen
The Joker--Steve Miller Band
1-2-3-4--Coolio N-word alert! There's a clean edit.

Shania Twain: Man! I Feel Like A Woman
Get a little outta line!

Got to Be Startin' Something--Michael Jackson
Hey Baby--Gwen Stefani
Bust A Move--Young MC
Livin' On A Prayer--Bon Jovi
Push It--Salt N Pepa

This mix lasts approximately five hours, which means you won't have to worry about fussing with the music while you have fun with your guests.

What do you think of this party music mix? Please share what songs you would have on your own party soundtrack!

EDIT: I should have added "Livin' On the Edge" by Aerosmith. It's passionate and party-friendly!

EDIT TWO: At the wind-down, Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai should be there. But even without, there will be dancing and canoodling and still some kettle chips.

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