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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Friday, January 10, 2014

BLOG ZINE: Showdown at the Superlodionplex

by Kari Tervo

Good evening. Welcome to Blog Zine. Can I take your coat? Party of one? Follow me, I'll seat you at one of our scenic window booths. Your server will be right by with some warm bread. In the meantime, can I get you a soda, iced tea, or cocktail? Excellent, that will be brought right out. Here's the FAQ, and today's specials are humor and storytelling. Enjoy your meal.

Here's my rating system:
Here’s my Rating System:
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Maybe If You’re Into That Sort of Thing: ? - See more at:
Recommended: !
It’s Aiight: .
Maybe If You’re Into That Sort of Thing: ? - See more at:
Recommended: !

It's Aiight: .

Maybe If You're Into That Sort of Thing:  ?

Wiseblood #59
Rating: !!!!
Price: not listed
c/o Fishspit
1304 175th Place NE
Bellevue, WA 98008


Imagine you're standing outside of a bar, and there's a dude out there chain-smoking and animatedly jawing stories. His manner has a sheen of agitation, and he's saying some pretty outlandish things, but you don't care. Cuz this guy is hilarious, and you just want to hear more. Plus, you know he's getting a total kick out of entertaining and slightly scandalizing you.

That's the kind of comedic storytelling you'll see when Fishspit holds court in Wiseblood #59 (yes! 59 freakin' issues!). Like a modern-day Mark Twain beleaguered by life's ridiculousness, our protagonist exasperates and exaggerates about all manner of life's evils. He narrates about running out of gas, aggressive peacocks, and of course, devil women. He goes off on a woman clueless about movie theater spatial boundaries ("There are three gabazillion seats in this superlodionplex!"), amusingly counsels sexually-liberated women on more modest behavior, and pisses everyone off on a Seattle-Bellevue bridge. Fishspit's old-style sexism and racism may cause some discomfort, if he even means them ("Do you women think any of these things are worthy of anything less than a good stoning down at the temple? You broads!"). However, his affable narration and honest reporting of his own foibles let us know he has nothing but respect for his readers. Well-written and delightfully illustrated with expressive cats, Wiseblood satisfies that part of you that likes to sit around and bullshit. Whether blustering, blushing, or coining words like "collosialoseum," Fishspit is full of thoroughly-entertaining stories. Hang out with him in Wiseblood #59 and enjoy them!


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