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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blu-ray Review: Big Ass Spider!

A modern day B-movie creature feature that is completely ridiculous and yet totally awesome.   Big Ass Spider is now available to own on Blu-ray/DVD.

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Former Heroes vet, Greg Grunberg stars as an exterminator, with the help of the army, fighting a near indestructible gigantic spider.

Yes the premise is nutty.  Yes the movie is nutty but damn if it isn't a helluva lot of fun.  Most of that comes from the limitless charm of Greg Grunberg and his chemistry with his "Mexican Robin" Lombardo Boyer.

The plot is pretty simple.  A spider appears, eats someone, grows huge, and the army has to hunt it down.  It's not a long movie so there is little chance of anyone getting bored.  There's also plenty of innocent bystanders getting webbed, chomped, gorged, and even melted.

The film is well acted for the most part (outside of some truly awful extras).  The directing and cinematography though is top notch.  I actually found myself thinking, "wow that is a really great shot, " a few times.

We're not talking The Exorcist here but guess what, everyone involved knows that and the movie never takes itself seriously.  All involved know how silly it is and they're all having a blast just like I did watching it.  This is a movie about a gigantic spider rampaging through Los Angeles.  Sit back and enjoy the carnage.

The blu-ray looks great.  For the most part the special effects are excellent.  There may be one or two instances where they falter a bit but not enough to really take you out of the movie.  The special features are decent.  Nothing to grand.  Trailers mostly.  I was hoping for some bloopers and a gag reel.

Overall, Big Ass Spider is a super fun creature feature with an extremely charming leading man to keep it interesting.  It's definitely one to watch with a group of friends round midnight.

Oh and I am totally in for a sequel.

Big Ass Spider is available now!

7/10 Spinnerets!

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