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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Top 5 Arizona Tea Flavors

By Alan Trehern (follow me on Twitter!)

Welcome to the new year everybody! And no new year would be complete without the first Top 5 list here at PCB.  And we have something wonderful to celebrate!!  My two favorite podcasting empires have merged: and the pioneer of podcasts, Never Not Funny.  So to honor the guys over at Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast, I wanted to give them my Top 5 Arizona tea flavors, the (un)official drink of NNF.  I've been drinking Arizona tea for a looooong time, and I was super excited to see Pardo's show make a push towards this most excellent product. I've tried the Arnold Palmers, the green teas, and of course the Shaquille O'Neill sodas, so I'm pretty sure I'm an expert in ranking these delicious refreshments.  So let's get started!

#5: The  Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng: Being the most popular among the NNF crew, I have to personally put it in the Number Five spot.  Why?  I know it's healthy, low-cal and sugar free, and it's probably my go-to purchase.  But sometimes the local 7-11 doesn't carry the diet green tea, so I have to resort to other, sugary options, which are sooooo good!

#4:  The Lite Arnold Palmer (Tea + Lemonade): Having 1/3 the calories of the original, I find the full version of the Arnold Palmer too sweet; the No Cal Arnold Palmer is kind of gross.  This is the medium version that is tasty as hell.  Just think of me as Goldilocks and the porridge that tastes just right.  Bear with me here...

#3: Arnold Palmer half-and-half Green Tea + Lemonade: This is another lite version that I feel is fairly new.  I haven't seen it on the market in recent years, but all of a sudden, I'm hooked!  It's like a holy grail among the nasty Arizona Peach+Fruit Punch garbage that every store seems to have :( If you love the green tea but also like seeing old photos of AP playing basketball, pick up this tall can of goodness.

#2: Arnold Palmer Golden Bear Lemonade: Holy sh*t, DO NOT drink if you are diabetic; you will lose a foot.  This is the most sugary lemonade I have ever had, and it is so guh damn tasty.  This one I save for special occasions like weddings, retirement parties and when I get dumped...which hopefully doesn't happen too often, because I will gain 900 pounds.  However, it is a must try!

#1: Arizona Green Tea + Honey and Ginseng: Now this is the crown jewel of the company, my friends.  You could kidnap my first born and I'd probably be cool with it if you left a couple cans of this stuff.  Tasting so much better than the diet version, I feel so worldly when I drink it; the Japanese cherry blossums make you feel like you're drinking yourself towards Nirvana.  Although a little too high in calories these days, this is the drink that keeps me loving everything this company produces.  God bless you, Arnold Palmer, god bless.

Arizona Beverages USA has neither endorsed nor paid for the content in this article; though they should!     

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