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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"God's End" Motion Comic by @EliotHochberg et al. #Superman

Good friend of the site Eliot Hochberg is back!  And this time he's animated, edited and produced music for the motion comic God's End, which features a pretty well-known superhero, if never officially referred to directly.

When I first decided to watch and write about God's End, I had no clue what to expect.  I come across ALOT of crap, especially concerning comic books; I'm also a pretty big stickler when it comes to motion comics.  My first introduction to the motion comic genre was a lesser-known piece called Broken Saints.  The trailer for it was suspenseful, scary and all-around cool to look at.  God's End achieves these same qualities!

The animation is great!  It manages to relate the story/dialogue and exudes emotion with a cell-by-cell telling.  Characters and the environments move only when necessary, and although very different from traditional animation, if you read comic books, these motion comics work reeeaalllly well.  I wouldn't be surprised if this short pops up on a résumé for the Marvel Motion Comic Department.

The artwork, by Daniel Bayliss, is exceptional.  I love the way Superman is portrayed, with his long, ridiculous beard covering the Superman shield (wink wink!), giving the impression that he's not the same man he was when he donned the symbol.  The aliens and cosmic environments are also super trippy and super fantastic.  It's fitting that Superman looks ALOT like Alan Moore, because the story is very Mooruvian (?)... Moordic...?  Moorosse???  In any case, the script by Gerardo Preciado tells a chilly account of the evolution of the Superman character through half a millennium.  He's had time to think things over, and although a little too pessimistic for MY idea of Superman, I love that this pop culture icon can have so many different interpretations:  Miller's idea of Superman as a governmental Boy Scout in The Dark Knight Returns, Moore's farewell to Superman in "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?," and even the Ross/Waid Kingdom Come Superman!  I'd say God's End Superman follows in these creative footsteps, even to the very climatic end!!

Music is great, animation is great; overall the short is nightmarishly delectable!!  The only problem I have is it isn't long enough!!  If more stories and films come from this team, you can definitely sign me up.

My final rating of God's End (Motion Comic)
10 out of 10 Mistakes by Humanity!! 
I'm sure Mr. Moore would feel the same way, wherever he may be...

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