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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Music Review: The Beatles "US Catalogue" CDs

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of those "Mop Tops from Liverpool," Capitol Records has released The Beatles US albums catalogue.  

The UK versions were re-released in 2009 individually in stereo and as a box set in mono. Now the time has come for the US versions to see the light of day. These new releases come in mini replica album sleeves with all the elements of the original vinyl releases. If you are looking for lyrics or unpublished photos you will not find them here as these are "exact replicas" right down to the barebones LP inserts.

The US catalogue is comprised of the same songs spread out among more LPs. For example the UK version of "Rubber Soul" features 14 tracks while the US version only features 12.  Fans have long preferred the UK versions but I'm sure the fanatical completists will love the new releases as well.  

The remastering for the US albums is the same as the 2009 releases and is simply incredible.  The upside to the US versions is that they now contain both the mono and stereo versions of the single album on one CD and that is quite a bargain.

The US versions also feature the long sought after "Yesterday And Today" album with it's original banned "butcher babies" cover.  This CD also comes with a sticker of the reissue LP cover (as seen above) which can be stuck over the original "butcher" cover if you so desire.  

Also of interest is the first time ever release of the US only title "Hey Jude."  "Hey Jude" is a compilation of previously released singles that served as the band's swan song release to the US fans. "Hey Jude" is a fun compilation that is the perfect car CD with hits ranging from "Can't Buy Me Love" to "Revolution."

I have no idea what Capitol and Apple have planned for The Beatles 60th anniversary but for now it appears that the vaults have been emptied and fans can now enjoy these classic hi-fidelity recordings until the end of time.

Drumroll please... 10 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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