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Monday, April 21, 2014

Action Figure Review: DC Comics Designer Series - Talon

Since the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman storyline, The Court of Owls, I’ve been looking forward to the release of a Talon action figure. That day has finally come and I couldn’t be more excited!

Part of DC Collectibles’ new DC Comics Designer Series, Talon is the second release in the first wave dedicated completely to Capullo’s Batman designs. This figure looks like it was pulled directly from the pages of Batman.

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With around 16 points of articulation, Talon is posable in many different ways. The figure is lacking a neck joint, which would have been a nice touch, but the Talon hood sculpt does look great. Standing at 6.75 inches, Talon looks menacing. The sculpt is perfect. Everything from his mask to his Court of Owls medallion on his bandolier looks perfect and comic accurate. Probably my favorite part of Talon is his detailed owl gauntlet on his left hand.

He comes with 2 knives and 2 swords. The swords fit in scabbards on his back. The scabbard on mine was a little loose, nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix though. One knife can fit in its sheath on the right side of Talon’s belt. If there was a second sheath for the other knife, it would have been better. As it is now, the other knife is relegated to being held or stored in the box. All of the weapons fit snuggly in both of Talon’s hands, which is a definite plus! I would have liked if one or two of the throwing knives were removable from his bandolier seeing as they are used frequently in the comic.

There is another accessory that looks awesome, but is kind of useless, the Court of Owls mask. It is cool to include the iconic item, but it doesn’t fit in Talon’s hand nor does it have elastic to potentially put it on another figure. I’m torn because I think it’s a cool thing to include and I definitely appreciate it, but I’d definitely like it to assimilate into the figure some way other than it being in the box.

Even though I take my figures out to pose them, the box is really great. It doesn’t have a large backing that sticks up and makes it hard to store, ship, or display. I’m glad that it has a large window to display the entire figure. Previous DC Collectibles have had the “peel back” look of the current DC logo, which obstructs much of the figure in box. The stylized lettering and box design really set the DC Comics Designer Series apart from the rest. I’m excited to see what’s in store for future Waves of this new series (maybe we’ll see a Zero Year Batman action figure down the road).

Pre-Order Batman and Talon (available May 30th) followed by Nightwing and The Riddler at the end of June.

DC Comics Designer Series 1 - Greg Capullo Talon is a 9 out of 10 Owls!!

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