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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Film Review - All Cheerleaders Die

By Adam Ruhl

I think the title alone helps define the audience for this film. If you’re checking out All Cheerleaders Die, odds are your expectations were not for a gripping drama. You enjoy what the Alamo Drafthouse set define as ‘genre films’. Offbeat and interesting Horror, Sci fi, fantasy, crime films; true the definition is broad but this film fits perfectly. I could completely imagine this film playing in my beloved Fantastic Fest. I accordingly review this film’s strengths and weaknesses on that scale.

All Cheerleaders Die is the story of a young high school student named Maddy. Her cheerleader friend dies tragically (albeit hilariously) and the friend’s boyfriend promptly takes up with another cheerleader. Maddy concocts a secret plan for revenge by joining the cheerleading team and sabotaging them and the boyfriend’s senior year. All of this is sidelined when a party fight goes too far with deadly consequences. I am trying to avoid giving too much away. If you're afraid of spoilers DO NOT watch the trailer.

The movie has some fun moments and a lot of nods to the teen horror films it’s satirizing. It pulls elements from all over the genre and you really have to be willing to sit back and enjoy the ride without questioning the plausibility too closely. Not even just the fantastic plot devices, but some of the amazing coincidences and curious character motivations don’t stand up to much scrutiny. Additionally I found the lead up to the plot starting took too long; although once the madness starts there’s plenty of pay off.

All Cheerleaders Die is better than most of it’s class and for a fan of teen horror comedies it’s definitely worth a view.

All Cheerleaders Die is available on VOD platforms on May 8th

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