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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blu-Ray Review: In The Blood

It's another year, and another Taken rip off only this time its a newly married husband who goes missing after he falls from a zipline and his new wife who has to discover the truth about his disappearance.

Gina Carano plays the wife who for some reason has a father that turns her into an ultimate fighter so that she has the skills to crack skulls now that her husband was taken.

Look, Carano does have a very particular set of skills (see what I did there?). She is electric when she is fighting but those skills, at least under the direction here, do not include acting. In this movie, she is wooden, flat, and just generally not great. At least when she isn't beating the ever loving hell out of someone. Then she's fantastic.

As a whole the movie is interesting. It does have a sort of unique twist but it's a twist that would render the entire movie pointless simply by having a conversation. This is something that one of the characters actually says by the way.

Oh and Danny Trejo fans be warned. You get about 5 minutes of him, if that.

The blu-ray looks great but the movie didn't really give me reason to care at all for any special features. There are so many better films out there to watch, In The Blood just isn't worth the time or the money.

With a better director and a better script, I think Gina Carano can deliver a good performance. Unfortunately, this is not that movie, and it doesn't work out that well for her or for the viewer.

In The Blood is available now.

4 out of 10 Taken Rip-offs

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