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Friday, June 20, 2014

CD Review - Meat Loaf: "Bad Attitude" 30th Anniversary Edition

Cherry Red Records has just released a 30th Anniversary Edition of Meat Loaf's 4th studio album "Bad Attitude."

The year was 1984 and after parting ways with EPIC Records it was time for Meat Loaf to try and recapture the some of the magic of his first 2 studio releases "Bat Out Of Hell" and "Deadringer."  Both of those albums were written entirely by Jim Steinman so for "Bad Attitude" Meat Loaf decided to record 2 Steinman songs: the rocking "Nowhere Fast" and the power ballad "Surf's Up."  Both of those tracks are strong but to be honest "Bad Attitude" had much more to offer and the title track proved that in spades.  Recorded as a duet with legendary Who vocalist Roger Daltrey the song "Bad Attitude" is an immediate home run and for me one of the best rockers Meat Loaf has ever recorded.

Other highlights include the single "Modern Girl," "Piece Of The Action" and "Jumpin' The Gun."  This new 30th Anniversary Edition has been remastered and is packaged in a digi-pak with extensive liner notes, 16 page booklet, plus plenty of rare artwork and memorabilia.

Originally produced by MACK (Queen, Billy Squier, Black Sabbath) this newly remastered edition sounds better than it ever has.  Though still not on par with Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell" trilogy or even such non-bat albums as "Couldn't Have Said It Better," "Bad Attitude" still shows Meat Loaf as an artist who at the time was on the right course to regaining his rock'n'roll glory.

If you own the original CD release then it is definitely time AND worth the upgrade.  

Drumroll please...  8 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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