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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music Review: The Babys - "I'll Have Some Of That!" CD

70's rock band The Babys return to the record racks with "I'll Have Some Of That!" their first studio album in 34 years.  In the spirit of full disclosure it should be known that only 2/4's of the original band are involved in this new release and neither one of those is original singer John Waite. We do get drummer Tony Brock (Rod Stewart, Elton John) as well as guitarist Wally Stocker (Humble Pie, Air Supply, Rod Stewart). Joining the originals in this reformed crib are guitarist Joey Sykes and on lead vocals and bass John Bisaha.

Unlike other bands who have replaced their lead singers with sound a likes, think Journey or Foreigner, The Babys are trying to carve out a new chapter in their career and John Bisaha is definitely a strong vocalist and addition to the band.  His voice perfectly suits the new tracks and he is definitely not trying to sound like John Waite and when he does it believe it is pure coincidence.

For all the uphill battles of recording a new record after over a quarter of a century has passed and do it without your original singer, "I'll Have Some Of That!" is actually pretty solid.  Does it sound like the original Babys... not really but if you are willing to just listen as if this is a brand new group with a 70's classic rock slant then you just might enjoy this album.

Thankfully the band was wise to leave off their generic sounding copycat digital only single "Not Ready To Say Goodbye" off of this full album release.  That song was trying way to hard to sound like the original Babys and in the end fell flat.

If there is one complaint about the new release it would be the album cover as it is one of the worst I have ever seen. Why go to all the trouble to paint a respectable picture and then put it in a cheap frame? Sonically the album sounds great so why skimp on the graphic design budget? The booklet is filled with some great band photos and any one of them would be better than the bland white on black cover was chosen.

Although not up to the pure pop rock standards of the original band, if taken on it's own merit "I'll Have Some Of That!" has something to offer classic rock fans.

Stand out tracks include: "I See You There," "Grass Is Greener" and "You Saved My Life," "

Drumroll please... 6 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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