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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paul Review

When I told everyone that I saw Paul, their response was "who?" or "how is he?" To answer both of those questions, Paul is an alien that crashed on our planet in 1947 who is he's rauchy, rude, fun, and basically Seth Rogen in alien form.
He was captured by the government and kept there in order to help them learn about the universe. But then he escaped and is picked up by two bumbling, British, apiring Sci-Fi writers (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) trekking across the US visitng famous alien sites. This is only the beginning of the story.

Things quickly turn for the two friends when they are suddenly chased by government agents (Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, and Joe Lo Truglio), rednecks (David Koechner and John Carroll Lynch), and meet a motley crew of other characters including a cycloptic Kristen Wiig and Jane Lynch as a diner waitress.

It is the perfect blend of combination of Superbad, Shaun of the Dead, and E.T. with pot and peppered (heavily) with nerd refrences. The movie is definitely built for nerds. The duo start out at Comic-Con spouting off arguments about obscure comics and movies and go through with side references to Close Encouters of the Third Kind, Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, etc. etc.

I loved every moment of this wacky and great experience. I had one worry that the British humor of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be lost since the director (Greg Motolla) is American, but that is not the case. Every awkward British humor moment is dry and perfect. I liked this better than Hot Fuzz, but I think it's tied with Shaun of the Dead for me.

Overall, I give this movie a nerdy 9/10!

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