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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blu-ray Review: Twilight Time's The Other and MindWarp

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Twilight Time releases a horror classic and a horror sci-fi hybrid in time for Halloween with their limited edition (3,000 copies) blu-rays of The Other and MindWarp.

The folks over at Twilight Time have such an interesting roster of films and their latest two releases are no exception.  One being a slow burn classic horror film and the other being a sc-fi horror cult classic that doesn't spare the schlock.  

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First up is the 1972 Robert Mulligan classic, The Other about a pair of twins embroiled in a series of "accidents."  The film is slow going but very brooding and it crescendos into its shocking ending.  This is psychological horror from a different generation and probably won't do much for those used to the quick cut flash bang awfulness of most recent horror films.  Still, it is a great film and Twilight Time has given it new life with this blu-ray.

Special features here are the original theatrical trailer (which I always love seeing) and an isolated score track.

Next up is the 1992 cult film that you've never heard of that stars horror legends Angus Scrimm and Bruce Campbell.  This one is a crazy precursor to The Matrix that has everything from a post apocalyptic landscape, to mutant cannibals, to jacking into a perfect civilization and then rebelling against it.

This disc has an isolated score also along with a TV spot.  High on gore and cheese, Mindwarp is fun but nothing groundbreaking.   There are some really great effects though.

Twilight Time has added another couple of interesting films to their line up and has given them both really great transfers.  Unfortunately, they are light on special features which may put some people off the $29.95 (or more depending on if they're sold out or not they're already over $50 at amazon.).

That said, the limited number of copies available is probably more than reason enough for folks to jump on these titles.  As far as value goes, The Other is worth the money.  Mindwarp is probably just for those die hard fans of the cast.

Get them while you can before they're gone!

The Other               MindWarp
9/10 Creepy Kids       7/10 Cannibals

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