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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Concert Review: Placebo Kills at NYC’s Terminal 5

Concert Review: Placebo Kills at NYC’s Terminal 5
Kyle Dowling

I’m not going to lie to you…on the night of October 15, 2013, I had absolutely no interest in seeing Placebo play at Terminal 5. I ventured over to the way west side of Manhattan to see them for one reason—it was my girlfriend’s birthday and the band happens to be her favorite. Time and time again, she’s tried to push their music onto me to no avail. It appears I’ve prided myself on remaining stubborn in my opinions; however, seeing as they have not played in New York City in six years (possibly the States), I knew I was going. My boyfriend-ly duties trumped those aforementioned feelings; I succumbed to her wishes…

Yes, I’m reviewing this concert.

Now, having said all that, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. And in this case, I probably deserve a huge “IDIOT” sticker placed upon my forehead. The band stepped foot onstage just after 9pm, after their track – B3 – played them in, and proceeded to rock the entire venue for the next hour and forty minutes. Truthfully, should they have decided to continue playing, I probably wouldn’t have minded, even if it meant me missing my bus.

After the opener—Jesca Hoop, who was both adorable and remarkable at the same time—left the stage, “For What It’s Worth” kicked us off, causing a craze to take over the audience like one rarely seen at some concerts. Not in a mosh pit, let’s kill each other kind of way; more of a let’s experience the music together and dance kind of vibe. And yes, I dug it. 

Led by the never-fading voice of Brian Molko, the band played a wonderful mixture of their past fan favorites—including: “Every You Every Me,” “Meds,” and the famed Kate Bush cover of “Running Up That Hill”—along with new beloveds from the latest album, “Loud Like Love” – such as the title track (which was fantastic), “A Million Little Pieces,” and “Rob the Bank.” No matter the tune, it didn’t seem to matter. We (yes, including me) loved it all. In fact, it’s safe to say from the ecstatically packed room (all three levels) that Placebo delivered an A+ performance, with each song earning high praises from us all.

Among the many highs of the night, the band’s slowed-down version of “Breathe Underwater” sticks out to me. I found it absolutely flawless, leaving me quite emotional and somewhat shocked.

If I had one piece of advice for the band it’d be to put out some current live content because it is their live shows that prove their true talents.

So, am I a fan? Yes, I’d say so… but don’t tell my girlfriend. 

- Set List -

  1. 1) B3
  2. 2) For What It’s Worth
  3. 3) Too Many Friends
  4. 4) Loud Like Love
  5. 5) Twenty Years
  6. 6) Every You Every Me
  7. 7) Scene of the Crime
  8. 8) A Million Little Pieces
  9. 9) Rob the Bank
  10. 10) Purify
  11. 11) Breath Underwater (slow version)
  12. 12) Song to Say Goodbye
  13. 13) Exit Wounds
  14. 14) Begin the End
  15. 15) Meds
  16. 16) Special K
  17. 17) The Bitter End
  1. 18) Teenage Angst
  2. 19) Running Up The Kill (Kate Bush cover)
  3. 20) Post Blue
  4. 21) Infra-red

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