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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Gifts for EDM Fans! Get Holi-Crazy With These Dance-Friendly Finds

by Kari Tervo

Okay, it is freaking like, what, three days before Christmas? And you're realizing you need to get a quick gift for the EDM fan in your life. Here is a last-minute EDM holiday gift guide! A bunch of price points and some cool products.


These nifty gloves are cool in THREE ways: They're cool for giving light shows or just decorating yourself with blinky lights! Plus, they double as functional fashion at outdoor parties in the cold winter months. Third, these things are crazy on sale! Originally 20 bucks, they're less than $10 now! Go get 'em for your fave raver.


Oh my goodness! This awesome rave accessory lights up in 20 different colors and has 13 different modes! I want a pair. I'm getting some.


Beatport Gift Card is the place to explore when you're searching for hot new EDM beats. They don't appear to offer a gift card, but you can pick up an AmEx gift card (or any other cash card, or just put a couple twenties in a card!). Decorate it with bright colors and tell your EDM-loving pal to go buy a bunch of new songs on Beatport!


These headphones were designed with EDM sounds in mind. Not only are they good for listening to your favorite EDM tunes, you can take calls and listen to other media. Plus, they come in a ton of fun raver colors!


Do you really, really love your EDM fan? This is probably the best EDM gift you can pick up. If you gift a three-day EDC pass, YOU WIN at EDM gift-giving.

Okay, kids, the clock is ticking! Choose 2-day shipping, or just wait til New Year's Eve to give your EDM gift. It still counts. Happy holidays, and BEAT wishes for 2014! :-D

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