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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blu-Ray Review: Cat People & Die Monster Die

Our favorite genre label, Scream Factory,  is back to release two more classics on blu-ray today.   One of them goes back to 1965 and features horror legend Boris Karloff.  The other is a cult classic from the 80s which I don't really think is a horror film.

Click the Rawr for my thoughts on Cat People and Die, Monster, Die!

Let's start with the 80's cult classic, Cat People.

You can pretty much guess what this one is about.  People who turn into leopards after sex and have to kill in order to return to human form.  Ok maybe you only guessed half of it.  I can bet you didn't guess most anything else that happens in this wild and weird little movie.

I said before that I didn't really consider this a horror movie.  It's not particularly scary. There is some gore yes but nothing that I really think classifies this as horror.

The case bills it as "an erotic fantasy about the animal in us all."  I'll bill it as an erotic thriller about a brother who wants, well apparently has, to mate with his sister.  Yeah you read that right.

Lots of nudity and some gore all wrapped up in a weird story with a somewhat sad ending.   The acting is good and you'll recognize a lot of the actors including Michael McDowell, Annette O'Toole, and Ed Begley Jr.

I didn't love this one to be honest.  It was interesting, but I couldn't really get into it.  That said, Scream Factory has delivered a beautiful picture yet again.  The color is vastly important for this movie and it looks wonderful.

The label continues to release a variety of films and does so with the utmost care.  This title is a Collector's Edition so it gets the new artwork treatment and has the double sided insert for the case so you can flip it and get the striking original artwork if you prefer.

While it isn't one of my favorite movies, Cat People is another great release from Scream Factory and further solidifies them as the best genre label right now.

Next up is the 60s horror classic Die, Monster, Die!  The story involves an American who comes to a house with a nasty history that the nearby townsfolk won't talk about.  Is the house haunted?  What are the weird creatures we keep getting glimpses of and sounds from?  You'll find yourself captivated pretty quickly and wanting to know the truth about the Witley's.

One thing I love about older horror like this is the gorgeous set designs.  They're so intricate and detailed that it's hard to believe it's really just a studio set.  There's really not much more creepy than an old English mansion covered in fog.

Great make up, wonderful sets, and that great old school acting make Die Monster Die a fun watch.  I even found myself jumping here and there which I didn't expect.

This one isn't a collector's edition so no special artwork.  The case is presented with the original art, which is great anyway!  The release only has a trailer for the film.

As for quality, as usual, the transfer is great and the 60 + year old effects hold up rather nicely.

For me, Die Monster Die is the better of the two films release today by Scream Factory, but even Cat People is worth a watch and is not a regrettable purchase, especially for SF fans and completionists.

Cat People and Die, Monster, Die! are both available now.

7/10 Leopards!

8/10 Space Rocks!

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