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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Batman Vs Superman In Danger?

DC and WB don't want to tread ground already walked by Marvel so they're shoehorning an entire universe into a sequel to a movie that was barely a success (financially and creatively).  Rather than allowing the Superman universe to grow into something strong enough to support an Avengers-like franchise, they're turning Man of Steel 2 into a Justice League movie without calling it a Justice League movie even though they're also pushing a Justice League movie through as well.

Now it's delayed a year.  That's the first signal.

The second?  Ben Affleck's "injury."

Now, the folks over at have posted a rather interesting article regarding Ben Affleck threatening to walk off the project due to "scheduling" and script problems.  I think it sounds like Ben Affleck thinking he knows more than David Goyer problems.

This movie is a bad idea from the ground up.  Why would you want to create a Justice League that features an old worn out Batman?  We had a worn out Batman in The Dark Knight Rises and guess what?  It didn't work.  

DC is trying to get a franchise going without actually building the world.  They want to fast track it and get it done because Marvel is killing them in this regard.  The thing is that Marvel did the work.  They laid the ground work and built a cohesive film world for their characters.  WB doesn't want to do that and because of that it's probably going to blow up in their faces.

I'm going to agree 100% with the gang at cinematallica that this MoS sequel will change to a straight up Superman sequel and the whole Batman vs. Superman angle will be dropped.  We can only hope at least.

We still have Arrow though so that's good.

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