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Saturday, March 15, 2014

#ThePrettyReckless and @TaylorMomsen are "GOING TO HELL" on MARCH 18, 2014

Who wouldn't buy this album?! #Giggity
Reviewed by Alan Trehern (@AlanTrehern!)

I've finally been introduced to the Pretty Reckless and the soft, ghostly voice of Taylor Momsen.  And I must say, "I AM TOTALLY READY FOR THIS!"  The band's second album, Going to Hell, is hitting shelves and iTunes on 18 March 2014 through Razor & Tie records, and let's just be up front about this: the album is a total blast!  If only DantĂ© had this in his Walkman when he entered the Seventh Circle!  He'd of been in a totally better mood!!  Click past the jump for the full review!

The story behind this sophomore album is a riveting one.  Most of the material had been recorded in 2012, ready for release until...
"...this fucking hurricane takes out the studio and everything we had...  Six feet of water destroyed our room, and half-a-million dollars of gear was sitting in a pile of sewage and sludge. Almost everything we had was wiped out in one fell swoop." - Ben Phillips [guitar]
Pissed off, the Reckless re-recorded the album as well as wrote the title track, "Going to Hell", a fast, awesome jam!  As an album, Going to Hell creates a consistent line of tracks that bring in the hard rock sounds of the Donnas or the Blackhearts, but also some enjoyable acoustic sounds that help anesthetize the listener while on this roadtrip to the Lake of Fire.  Some songs like "Blame Me" have the groove of an Audioslave hit, while "Heaven Knows" could hit the country music charts and get people line dancing the night away! 

(Watch “Heaven Knows” music video here:

What hit me hardest, though, was the last track, "Waiting for a Friend": the haunting song of a prisoner.  Trapped, sad and crying out for rescue...  This Pretty Reckless album pretty much wrecks you emotionally!  So get mischievous and tempt fate by picking up GOING TO HELL, now available for pre-order on iTunes--with a special price of $7.99:, or pick it up on release day; you won't regret it!  And here's to the continued success of this great rock band.

My final rating of GOING TO HELL by the Pretty Reckless
9 out of 10 Circles of Hell!!
[1] Special Thanks to Razor & Tie!
[2] The Pretty Reckless European Tour; For all tour dates and tickets, visit:

2/28 Palacio Vistalegre Arena  Madrid, Spain
3/1 Pala Sant Jordi                  Barcelona, Spain
3/2 LePhare                            Toulouse, France
3/4 Rockhal                            Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
3/6 LeZenith Arena                 Lille, France
3/7 Palladium                          Cologne, Germany
3/8 Heineken Music Hall         Amsterdam, Netherlands
3/11 Ancienne Belgique          Brussels, Belgium
3/12 LeZenith                         Paris, France (Ooh La La)
3/15 Motorpoint Arena          Cardiff, Wales
3/16 NIA                               Birmingham, England
3/17 Phones 4 U Arena          Manchester, England
3/20 Wembley Arena             London, England
3/21 Metro FM Arena          Newcastle, England
3/22 The SSE Hydro            Glasgow, Scotland
3/5 Komplex Klub          Zurich, Switzerland
3/24 Electric Ballroom     London, UK
3/26 Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg, Germany
3/27 Lido                        Berlin, Germany
3/28 Magazzini Generali Milan, Italy

[3] For more information on

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