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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Music Review: Anthony Starble - We Need To Be Loved EP

I stumbled across Anthony Starble after I saw him performing in Spring Awakening a couple years ago.  I discovered his first EP, Living in Layers, and was instantly hooked. If this were the age of cassettes, I would have definitely worn it out many times over.

At last, Starble has released a follow up EP, We Need To Be Loved, and damn if I didn't fall in love with this one just as much as his first.  Four songs packed with some wonderful lyrics, a stunning voice, and a great musicianship make up this woefully short, but supremely good, album

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It's an EP so we're only getting four tracks, albeit four fantastic tracks, but I certainly want more and rumor has it we might be getting more soon.  Fingers crossed sooner rather than later.

The album is anchored by the superb first single "Oh Father," which is absolutely heartbreaking.  It tells the story of a gay man trying to make his father understand and accept him.  The first time I heard this song it was like the entire world stopped around me.  The words spoke right to me as they did and will continue to do to thousands of others when they hear it.  It is such a profoundly personal song that can really tell the story of so many people.

Let's be clear, every song on this EP is fantastic.  They're crafted to perfection on every level.  Intimate, heartfelt, emotional, a deep.  They're great stories from a truly gifted artist.

That is one of Anthony Starble's strongest gifts, his ability to tell a story that can be your story.  His unique voice and stellar piano playing bring those songs to thrilling life.  Even at just four tracks, Starble carries you on an emotional journey the likes of which you just can't get on radio lately.  He is a true artist and his skills are just staggering.

I honestly can't wait to hear a full length album.  Until then, I have two wonderful EPs to tide me over.  You should head over to iTunes and grab them yourself.

Anthony Starble
We Need To Be Loved

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