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Sunday, May 11, 2014

DVD Review - International Mystery Series Part 3 - Kennedy's Brain

By Adam Ruhl

Kennedy’s Brain is about the most misleading title I could imagine for this German TV movie. Primarily because aside from one mention; Kennedy’s Brain does not feature in any way. This movie is based on a novel by Swedish novelist Henning Mankell who is best known in America for his ‘Wallander’ series and produced by Bavaria Pictures. The novel’s title is Kennedy’s Hjärna, which does correctly translate to Kennedy’s Brain.

So past the title how is it? The short answer is pretty shocking and stunning and awesome. This movie is the shortest of the three releases that I've covered but also the most gripping and intense. It is set in modern day Sweden, Norway, and Africa and deals with some very heavy subject matter that may make the audience a little squeamish. As with all the releases in this series it succeeded in showing me entirely new places and points of view.

Louis Cantor (Iris Berben) is a Swedish archaeologist who receives a phone call from her journalist son, who has recently returned from traveling abroad, asking to see her. When she goes to meet him the next morning she finds him dead of an apparent suicide. Unable to accept that he would kill himself and unsupported by the police, she begins to dig into her son’s work to find out if someone wanted him dead. This launches her into an intrigue that takes her all the way to South Africa and a clinic in Mozambique. The mystery gets deeper and deeper and neither Louis, nor anyone that she draws into this journey is safe.

Kennedy’s Brain is available in a two part DVD set and runs just about three hours. Iris Berben is joined in the cast by Mikael Nyqvist (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and Rolf Lassgard (Wallander). Kennedy’s Brain is available on Amazon.

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