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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Film Review - Whitewash

By Adam Ruhl

Whitewash is a strange and fascinating ride. It’s almost a one man show starring Thomas Haden Church (Wings) as Bruce, a snowplow driver who hits someone during a storm and then just covers it up. Literally, plows some snow over the body and drunk drives away. It’s when he wakes up in the plow the next morning, stranded deep in the Canadian woods in winter, that the story really gets going. What follows is a Shining-style descent into madness crossed with Castaway. Interspersed with his exploits in the woods are sequences that provide a context and back-story for how he came to this point.

Church gives a stand out performance, portraying Bruce’s struggles with very little in the way of dialogue. The character has some voice overs but its much more compelling watching Bruce toil and try to cope with himself. Canada also gets a spotlight, with the wilderness of Quebec beautifully captured in winter. The opening of the film takes place in the woods at night creating a beautiful atmosphere that gets lots of attention. Whitewash really empathizes its French-Canadian setting, with many of the supporting players freely moving back and forth between English and French.

The film is written and directed by first time feature director Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais who took home an award for Best New Director at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.

Whitewash is currently available from Oscilloscope Laboratories on all premium digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and XBOX Live.

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