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An all-new Pop Culture Beast is coming!
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blu-Ray Review - "300: Rise Of An Empire"

300: Rise Of The Empire” can best be described as an over the top CGI bloodbath.  Filled with almost non-stop explicit battle sequences that include be-headings and disembowelments not to mention violence against women and children. 

For all the films bluster and bravado the battle sequences lack originality and are only designed to show the audience how much blood can be spilled and that amounts to buckets upon buckets.  The amount of blood spilt is almost laughable.  

The battle sequences lack any originality and there is more heart and sheer excitement in 5 minutes of “Lord Of The Rings” or even the television series “Game Of Thrones” than there is in the entire running time of “300: Rise Of The Empire.”  Every fight scene is literally slash, blood, stab, blood, hack, blood it is almost exhausting and not the least bit entertaining.

As for the acting, Eva Green (Casino Royale, Penny Dreadful) gets to chew some scenery with multiple monologues and does hold her own with the male actors during her fight scenes. The males  leads however feel like a bunch of interchangeable stomach muscles who are simply on screen as grunting eye candy.

Overall “300: Rise Of the Empire” feels like nothing more than a video game and as with any video game watching while others play is never any fun.

Drumroll please… 4 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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