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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cherry Red Records: New and Retro Releases

Are you looking for hard to find, out of print CDs from some of your favorite classic rock artists?

Or maybe you are want to hear some brand new music from your favorite classic rock artists.

Either way Cherry Red Records has got what you're looking for and more!

For 35 years Cherry Red Records has been releasing the most eclectic mix of recording artists ever assembled on one label. Encompassing just about every genre of music Cherry Red Records strives to not be pigeon holed and is always expanding its brand and roster.

As a classic rock fan I am drawn to the label for new and retro releases by some of my favorite artists.  Recent releases that fit the bill are: 

Alice Cooper: "Hey Stoopid" - After entering the world of pop/metal with his 1989 release "Trash," Alice Cooper was determined to maintain that foothold and did with the far superior follow-up album "Hey Stoopid."  Enlisting guest musicians such as Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai plus Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars Cooper turned out an album full of crunchy radio accessible pop rock tunes. 

Dave Edmunds: "…Again" - Edmunds returns with his own brand of rockabilly infused pop rock.  "…Again" combines a few of Edmunds' original compositions with 12 cover songs including his instrumental take on the Elton John classic "Your Song."  Edmunds unique style of playing and singing  makes "…Again" a welcome return to form and a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience from start to finish.

Aldo Nova: "Blood On The Bricks" - Nova's 1991 outing only peaked at #124 on there US charts and that's a shame because this record should have made Aldo Nova a star!  Co-Written and produced by mega rockstar Jon Bon Jovi (who's name now graces the original album artwork) this album is filled with some of the best pop rock anthems and ballads that you have never heard but thankfully because of Cherry Red you still can!

Todd Rundgren: "State" - Rundgren returns with his unique brand of experimental pop rock with his new album "State." Like his previous 2 CDs "Liars" and "Arena" Todd once again plays all the instruments as well as singing and producing.  If you are a fan of Rundgren's early pop rock music such as "I Saw The Light," "Hello It's Me" and "We Gotta Get You A Woman" then this album might not be your cup of tea bit if you're willing to go wherever Todd's genius goes you just might find a few satisfying tracks.

Drumroll please...

"Hey Stoopid" - 8 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

"...Again" - 7 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

"Blood On The Bricks" - 8 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

"State" - 6 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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