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Monday, February 24, 2014

Blu-Ray Review - Rocky: Heavyweight Collection

I love physical media.  I love collectors editions.  I love special edition collectors editions.  I do not love multiple versions of the same thing coming out.  I do not love double and triple dipping into peoples wallets.

Few movies have been taken to the well more times than the Rocky movies and MGM has done it yet again with another blu-ray collection featuring all of the films.  This time, we're getting the Rocky Heavyweight Collection.  It not much different from the Undisputed Collection that came out a few years ago.

This version brings a newly remastered version of Rocky to the table.  That's about it.

The rest of the films are the same as previously released.  No remastering or fixing happening for the sequels.  You're basically going in on another set for a remastered version of the original film.

I can't in good conscience recommend this.  It's a blatant double dip.  There's nothing really new here, outside maybe a feature or two.  It isn't worth it at all.

Fans of this franchise already have the other set making this one completely redundant.  If they want a remastered version they're better off just grabbing the Blu-ray book version.

This should be for the fans of the series only.  Superfans really.  It's not worth the $40 double dip.

The Rocky Heavyweight Collection is in stores now.

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